Christmas shopping can be a long and arduous task because if you are like a lot of people, you will have a huge list of friends and family members that you need to buy presents for.

Of course internet shopping has made this task a lot easier, but many people still end up going down to their local shopping mall to do a lot of their Christmas shopping.

The good news is that you can actually burn quite a few calories when Christmas shopping, and you may even be able to lose a few pounds in time for the Christmas and New Year holiday season.

Just walking around the shops and carrying lots of bags burns lots of calories, but I have listed below 3 ways you can boost your chances of losing weight even further whilst doing your Christmas shopping.

1. Don’t Park Too Close To The Shops

If you use the main car park that is closest to the shopping mall, then it may well be the most convenient option, but you could burn more calories by parking further away. This is because this will obviously force you to do some extra walking when you go to and from the shops, and subsequently you will use up more energy and burn more calories.

2. Avoid Using Lifts And Escalators

Many shopping malls and department stores obviously have several floors, and so the easy option is to use a lift or escalator to move from floor to floor. However if you really want to try and lose a few pounds, you should always try and use the stairs because this is a great fat-burning exercise.

3. Go Ice Skating

One of the best things about Christmas shopping is that the larger shopping centres will often have a temporary ice rink set up at this time of the year. This means shoppers can take some time out and spend some time ice skating. This is a really fun activity and a great way to burn calories after you have finished your Christmas shopping.