The Fast Diet, which The Daily Mail has called “the biggest diet revolution since Atkins”, is a relatively new diet that is hugely popular right now, and is one that has helped thousands of people successfully lose weight.

It basically involves eating a regular diet for 5 days of the week, and then fasting on a reduced diet of around 500 calories per day (or 600 if you are a man) on the other 2 days of the week. So in effect you are only dieting for 2 days per week.

It sounds really simple, but it has proven to be extremely effective at helping people achieve their weight loss goals.

The only problem is that a lot of people find the 2-day fasting period quite hard, which is why a new supplement called 5:2 Fast Formula has been developed that compliments this Fast Diet and makes it a lot easier to stick to.

The 5:2 Fast Formula Weight Loss Supplement

The 5:2 Fast Formula diet pill is supposedly the first supplement to be developed specifically for this particular diet.

The company who developed this supplement are not connected to the founder of this diet in any way, but they have nonetheless come up with a safe, natural product that compliments it perfectly with the help of Dr. Alfred Hasselbacher, one of Germany’s leading doctors.

Key Benefits

As mentioned earlier, the 5:2 Fast Formula is designed to make the fasting period a lot easier, and here are some of the main reasons why it is able to do this:

suppresses hunger pains and reduces appetite

increases energy levels to help overcome sluggishness

replenishes nutrients and minerals lost through fasting

Why You Need 5:2 Fast Formula

This diet pill is not absolutely essential because some people are able to cope with the reduced 500 / 600 calorie per day diet.

However figures show that 90% of people on a fasting diet rank ‘controlling hunger’ as their biggest challenge, whilst 76% felt more tired when fasting and 44% were concerned about the effect of reduced vitamins on these 2 days.

So because this supplement helps overcome all three of these concerns, you should start to see why it is so beneficial.

Ingredients And Side Effects

Of course before you start taking a new diet supplement, you will obviously want to know what ingredients it contains in order to determine whether or not it is safe for you to take.

Well the good news is that it is made from natural ingredients, and therefore it has no real side effects.

The key ingredient is Konjac extract, often referred to as Glucomannan, because this is an excellent appetite suppressant, but it also includes copper, iron and a number of B vitamins to help replenish your body during the fasting periods.

Where To Buy 5:2 Fast Formula Supplements

If you would like to buy these 5:2 Fast Formula supplements and use them alongside the highly effective Fast Diet, you can do so by visiting the official website.

Here you will find the option to buy a 1-month supply of these supplements, a 2-month supply, which comes with an extra bottle free of charge, or a 3-month supply, which includes 3 extra bottles so that you can enjoy even greater savings.

This product can be shipped to numerous countries all over the world, and it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.