There are certain foods that are widely regarded as being very good for you because they provide certain health benefits. However as one article in the Daily Mail has recently pointed out, not all of these ‘healthy foods’ are actually as healthy as you may think.

They actually list 7 foods in total that fall into this category, and the first of these foods is cholesterol-lowering margarine.

According to Dr Aseem Malhotra, who was quoted in this article, these products are not only very expensive, but they are packed with unnatural ingredients and may only have a marginal effect on cholesterol levels. Furthermore studies have shown that they cannot reduce the chances of suffering a heart attack.

Another over-hyped health food is the popular smoothie. Although they can contribute to your recommended 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, they are also packed with calories when bought from shops and supermarkets. They also contain a lot of sugar, albeit natural sugars, and can erode teeth enamel because of the acidity of the fruit.

The same kind of thing can be said about orange juice. This too contains sugar and can damage teeth enamel, and the benefits with regards to chest and respiratory problems are also overblown. In fact orange juice can often make the problem worse, according to one expert.

Carrots are also mentioned in this article, although whilst the general health benefits of carrots are not in question, it is the effect that they can have on your eyes that is often exaggerated. One leading eye expert said they are no more beneficial to the eyes than any other vegetable.

One surprising food item that appears on this list is cod liver oil. Many arthritis sufferers take cod liver oil every day to help reduce their symptoms and ease joint pain, but one GP adviser says that there is no evidence that cod liver oil provides any benefits to people with this condition.

Another food that is mentioned is yogurt covered raisins. I don’t actually know anyone who eats these anyway, but apparently these are not particularly good for you because the yogurt coating in this case often contains lots of sugar and fat.

Finally one other food that appears on this list is berries. No-one can question the wide-ranging health benefits of berries in general, but when it comes to the prevention of dementia, one expert points out that they are not guaranteed to ward off mental decline.

So as you can see, not all of these health foods are as healthy as they are made out to be. However it is still much better to eat foods such as these rather than crisps, sweets, chocolate, pizza, burgers and fizzy drinks, as I’m sure you will agree.