It is being reported that the Alli weight loss pill, which is very popular here in the UK, may cause liver and kidney damage.

According to this latest article, Professor Bingfang Yan, a researcher from the University of Rhode Island, conducted some research on the orlistat weight loss drug, which is commonly known as Alli and Xenical, and found that it actually inhibits a key enzyme, which could lead to severe toxicity of the liver and kidneys.

Not only that, but he also found that the drug alters the effectiveness of certain medicines, and reduces the effectiveness of some anti-cancer drugs.

Alli is essentially a diet pill that blocks the absorption of fat in the gut, and it is freely available to buy online and in health stores without a prescription.

It was actually approved by the FDA in 2007, and although it can indeed aid weight loss, it is rather worrying that thousands of people will have been taking this weight loss drug since then, without knowing about these potential risks.

Of course for the sake of balance, it should also be pointed out that the makers of Alli, GlaxoSmithKline, dispute these findings. A spokesman for the company had this to say about Professor Bingfang Yan’s research:

“Earlier this year the European regulator reaffirmed the safety profile of orlistat following a review of the medicine and possible side-effects.”

“The results of this study in particular are based on laboratory methods in the lab, not in humans or animals, and they aren’t consistent with the wealth of data from patients who have been treated with orlistat.”

This may re-assure some people, but these findings will almost certainly put some doubt in a lot of people’s minds, and many people will probably end up searching for alternatives instead.

So are there any other fat-binding pills that can help you lose weight, and don’t have any of these possible side effects?

Well there is one product in particular that could be regarded as a much safer alternative, and that’s Proactol Plus.

Proactol Plus is also a fat-binding pill that can be bought online without a prescription. However it is made from safe, natural ingredients, and doesn’t contain the orlistat drug at all.

So this is one product you might want to consider taking if you are worried about the potential health risks of the Alli weight loss pill.