According to this recent Daily Mail article, taking part in some kind of exercise program just once a week could be enough to ease the pain of arthritis, which affects millions of people worldwide.

A study was carried out by American scientists, who looked into the overall effectiveness of some of the exercise programs organised by the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, and the results were very encouraging.

For the 200 participants who took part in exercise programs such as dancing, yoga or pilates, there were significant reductions in pain in a large number of cases, and subsequently a better quality of life.

53% of the arthritis sufferers who took part in this study reported that they had experienced pain relief after taking part in one of these activities, whilst there was a 54% improvement in their overall quality of life, based on various different factors, as a result of this reduced arthritis pain.

So this demonstrates the importance of exercise, and why many people who suffer from arthritis or some kind of joint pain should consider joining one of these exercise programs.

Supervised yoga and pilates are both fairly easy forms of exercise for those people who suffer from arthritis, and dancing has long been a favourite pastime for many people in their 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s anyway, irrespective of the fact that it may actually ease the pain associated with arthritis.

My Auntie used to go dancing every Friday and she always told me that it was the highlight of her week because she got to chat with her friends, and dance with a few different men to some of her favourite songs from years gone by.

Plus she always said that she felt a lot healthier for the rest of the weekend because she felt that the exercise gave her more energy and lifted her spirits.

So if you suffer from arthritis yourself, you might want to try taking up some kind of gentle exercise program such as dancing, yoga or pilates because it may just help ease some of your pain.

Dancing is arguably the most enjoyable activity, but it seems as if any type of supervised exercise program could be beneficial for arthritis sufferers.

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