Disclosure Policy

It is worth mentioning that many of the product reviews on this site, and indeed some of the articles containing general information, contain affiliate links to certain products.

Therefore the owners of ENetHealth.com may receive commissions for any sales of products that originate from links on this blog.

It is also worth taking into consideration some of the following points when visiting this blog:

1. Although not all of the products will have been tested, they are all based on factual information that can be verified, and customer feedback and testimonials in many cases.

2. The review may contain subjective information based on the reviewer’s own personal opinion of the product in some cases.

3. Attempts are made to highlight the best products in particular, when similar products are reviewed, so that readers can make an informed decision.

4. Each review will always contain at least one link to the sales page of the product being reviewed. This link is often an affiliate link, but if you do not want the reviewer to receive an affiliate commission, you can simply close the web page, delete your cookies and then re-open the web page and buy the product.