If you watched Dragons Den last night, you may recall that the Flick Tips Instant Eyeliner Stickers were featured at the start of the show. The woman behind this product was looking for investment to grow her business and develop further products in the beauty industry.

Well this show was obviously recorded several months ago, and since then it appears as if Flick Tips are doing pretty well.

They are currently available to buy from Amazon.co.uk (who sell both the Classic and the Party designs), and they are also available from a few other websites. As was mentioned on Dragons Dens last night, they are also being sold by one of the leading hair salons in the UK.

So what are the benefits of the Flick Tips Instant Eyeliner Stickers?

Well Flick Tips are basically adhesive stickers that you stick to the outside of your eye to dramatically transform the shape of your eye in an instant.

It is very difficult to create a perfect eye shape using conventional eyeliner, as I’m sure you are aware. So this instantly solves a problem that many women have, and gives you a sexy look that will immediately get you noticed when you are out and about.

These stickers are reusable, although they obviously won’t remain sticky forever. If they do lose their stickiness, you can always use a drop of eyelash glue to stick them on.

To apply these Flick Tips Instant Eyeliner Extension Stickers, all you need to do is clean the skin first of all, apply your normal eyeliner and then attach one of the stickers to the outer eye.

There are two different styles that you can choose from – the Classic designs and the Party designs – and each set includes 5 different designs.

As I mentioned above, you can currently buy both the Classic designs and the Party designs from Amazon.co.uk.