A new survey carried out by the weight loss firm Slimsticks has found that nearly half of all people that embark on a new diet will end up quitting within a month.

What was particularly worrying, on a broader scale, was that 28% of young people start a new diet every month, which is a clear indication of the scale of the current obesity problem that we have in the western world.

Of those people who try eating healthier foods and getting more exercise every month, the survey found that 48.9% of people will give up within a month, and amongst young people, 45% of people will give up with a week.

I have to say that I’m not really surprised to hear that half of dieters do not have the willpower to succeed because this is one of the main reasons why so many companies are desperate to enter the highly profitable weight loss industry.

If everyone stuck to a diet and exercised regularly, then there wouldn’t be so much demand for diet programs, diet pills and supplements, fitness DVDs, weight loss books, etc.

The fact is that there are no secrets to losing weight. No matter what anyone tells you, it all comes down to diet and exercise. All you need to do is;


Consuming less calories and burning more calories through exercise will always help you lose weight, no matter how much you currently weigh.

However the hard part is staying motivated and being patient enough to understand that a weekly weight loss of around 1-2 lbs is not a bad effort.

I think we live in an age where people expect immediate results. However with regards to weight loss, this is not really possible. You need to be patient because the weight will start to come off gradually if you are consuming a lot less than 2000 calories per day, and exercising several times a week.

So while you may be tempted to start a new type of diet or buy an exciting new diet pill, you should remember that these products may well help you, but they are certainly not a necessity. It is perfectly possible to achieve your goals without using any kind of products or services whatsoever.