There is no doubt that the London 2012 Olympic Games was one of the best games ever, and one that has really lifted the spirits of an entire nation. These games were followed by the Paralympic Games, which also proved to be hugely inspirational.

I know that many friends of mine here in the UK pledged to start doing more exercise and try and become a lot fitter after watching these elite athletes, because in comparison they basically felt like fat slobs. At the time lots of other people throughout the UK will have made the same kind of promises as well.

However we are now moving into October, winter is almost upon us, and the Olympic Games are fast becoming a distant memory now. Sadly as a result of this, many people will have already abandoned their promises and gone back to their old ways.

We should not be surprised by this because the exact same thing happens at the same time very year. Once the Christmas and New Year festivities are over, millions of people decide it’s time to lose weight. However after failing to lose any weight, or after only losing a couple of pounds, this diet is usually abandoned by the time February comes around, and often before then.

The fact is that when we talk about diet, exercise and weight loss, it is very hard for people to stay motivated, and I include myself in that group of people.

Even though our athletes demonstrated an immense commitment to train and push themselves every day for 4 years leading up to London 2012, many of us still find it hard to find the same levels of motivation and commitment.

The trouble is that now is not necessarily an easy time to start getting in shape either because it is getting a lot colder outside, the nights are drawing in and Christmas and New Year are only two months away, when most of us tend to put on a few extra pounds.

So the only real solution is to find ways of motivating yourself once again. Watching video clips of our Olympic and Paralympic athletes in action, such as this video montage, for example, is a good start:

However you could also come up with a solid weight loss plan. I suggest you write down your target weight that you hope to achieve, and then write down all the things that you plan on doing in order to achieve this target.

One other thing I suggest doing is to constantly visualize yourself being notably thinner, and think about how much better you will look as a result. If you have some spare money lying around, you may also want to buy some really fashionable clothes that you will only be able to wear if you successfully hit your target.

All of these things will help you get motivated, and subsequently you will hopefully be able to get fitter and slimmer without too many problems.