In this article I want to review the ImmuProbio probiotic supplement from HealthAid because, in my experience, these are some of the best probiotics currently on the market.

I have been suffering from gastritis and a number of associated problems such as gas, bloating and indigestion for many months now. So in addition to my usual medication which helps to protect the stomach lining, I thought it would be a good idea to start taking a probiotic supplement again.

I chose this HealthAid ImmuProbio supplement because it has helped reduce some of my symptoms before, and you only need to take one a day, which means that it is easy to use alongside my current medication.

Plus when you compare it many other probiotics, it would appear to be way more effective as it has 50 billion cultures and 10 different probiotic strains, and the capsules themselves are both acid and bile resistant, which means that they won’t be destroyed by your stomach juices before they reach the intestines.

Finally I also like the fact that these are one of the few probiotic supplements that need to be kept in the fridge in order to retain their effectiveness, which is always a good sign.

So did they actually work?

Well they didn’t cure my gastritis, but to be fair, I never expected them to. The goal was to reduce some of the pain and discomfort that I was experiencing, and in that respect they certainly did help a great deal.

By the time I had completed the 30-day supply, I was definitely a lot less gassy and a lot less bloated after mealtimes with less indigestion. I also noticed that my bowel movements were a lot more regular as well.

So overall I would definitely recommend taking these HealthAid ImmuProbio supplements if you are experiencing similar problems yourself, or if your good bacteria has been depleted by antibiotics, for example, because they do seem to make a noticeable difference.

They are quite expensive, but as they contain a massive 50 billion cultures, I think it’s worth paying extra for a good quality probiotic supplement such as this one.

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