A new video has recently been posted online which features the Helen Lederer weight loss story, as well as tips from a few weight loss and fitness experts discussing how you can lose weight this winter.

If you are not familiar with Helen Lederer, she is basically a British comedy actress and writer who has appeared in a number of different shows including Absolutely Fabulous and Girls On Top.

She admits herself that she has had a long battle with her weight in the past, but just recently she seems to have been a lot more successful because she has managed to lose a total of 2 stone in just 3 months.

She used to weigh 12 stone 9 lbs and take a dress size 16/18, but she now weighs in at 10 stone 7 lbs and takes a 12/14 dress size.

In a recent article she revealed that she was spurred on by her celebrity friends’ weight loss efforts, namely Dawn French and Ruth Jones, and subsequently she started eating healthily, cutting out wine, cheese, cakes and unhealthy snacks, and doing some exercise in the gym.

She also used XLS Medical, which I discussed in some detail when I wrote this review of XLS Medical a few weeks ago, because it is said to help you burn 3 times more weight than dieting alone thanks to its ability to bind fat and suppress the appetite.

So after taking all of these steps to lose weight, it is not really surprising that Helen has lost so much weight in such a short space of time.

If you would like to watch this Helen Lederer weight loss video, simply click on the play button below: