I haven’t written a blog post for a while, so today I thought I would share with you a 6-pack abs workout that actually works.

Many people think that all they need to do to get a great 6-pack is to do lots of sit-ups over and over again, but this will only give you minimal results.

This workout works all of your core abdominal muscles and does actually deliver results because I have been doing this same workout 2-3 times a week since around June 2012, and have noticed a huge difference.

Here is a video of this extremely effective 6-pack abs workout:

There are 8 different exercises altogether, and you should be able to complete the whole workout in about 8 minutes.

Exercise 1 is the foot to foot crunch and is relatively easy to perform, even if you are a beginner.

Exercise 2 is alternating curls, also known as the bicycle. This one is a lot harder, and it can take a few goes to perfect the technique.

After a brief 30 second rest, the workout continues with exercise 3, which is the push through exercise. This one is fairly easy, but you should start to feel your abs being worked hard by this time.

You certainly will after exercise 4, which is the straight leg raise.

There is then another 30 second recovery period, before the workout continues with exercise 5 – the arm reaching crunch. This is one of the easier exercises, but it really does work your abs muscles.

Exercise 6 is the leg up touch crunch, and is really quite difficult when you first start performing this workout. I can do 30 reps in one go now, but when I first started, I had to stop and rest after 15 reps.

You will need a 30 second rest after these two exercises, and you are then into the final stretch. Exercise 7 is the cross arm crunch, and is not overly difficult, although you will really feel your abs by this point.

The 8th and final exercise, the double crunch, is arguably the most difficult because it can strain your back and is quite awkward. I myself replaced this exercise with one of my own, where I sit on the end of my bed, lean back 45 degrees, and pull my knees up to my chest 30 times.

A few final words of warning:

When you first start out performing this 6-pack abs workout for the first few times, you may well feel a pain in your neck. This seems to be a common complaint, and one that I definitely experienced myself.

However after a while this workout does get easier, and you should find that you no longer feel any aches or pains after a few weeks. If you do continue to experience pain, you should focus on getting your technique right, and making sure that you are only working your abs muscles.