I’m now rapidly approaching my mid-30s but despite this depressing fact, I still try and stay in shape and do various forms of exercise several times a week. One of my favourite ways to stay fit is to use my home exercise bike. Indeed this is the only cardio workout that I actually enjoy.

Some people get bored really easily spending ages sat on an exercise bike because it can be quite tedious. However I find that the time seems to pass fairly quickly, and it is usually quite enjoyable because I am either reading a magazine or a newspaper, or listening to some uplifting music.

Anyway I digress because the main point I want to make is that if you are conscious about your weight, or are maybe worried about putting on weight in the future, an exercise bike workout is a great way to burn lots of calories and stay slim.

I finished my workout earlier today and did my usual 17 kilometers. I don’t really pay much attention to the various different figures on the LCD display, other than the time and the distance covered, but on this occasion I happened to notice that I had burned 387 calories during this workout.

I was actually surprised that a relatively easy workout could burn so many calories because it only took me approximately 24 minutes 30 seconds to cover the 17 km distance. So if I had actually continued pedalling away for a total of 25 minutes, I probably would have burned close to 400 calories.

Therefore the point is that for all those people that are put off by the thought of doing lots of exercise, you should seriously consider buying an exercise bike because this is a great form of exercise that will burn lots of calories, as I have hopefully demonstrated in this article.

I should point out that I’ve been using an exercise bike for most of my adult life, since the age of about 19. As a result of this, I am able to cycle at a pretty brisk pace.

However cycling the 17km distance is not really that difficult once you build your fitness levels up, and even if it takes you 5 or 10 minutes longer to cover this distance, you will still be burning 400 calories in just 30 or 35 minutes, which will really help to keep you slim, fit and healthy.