I have already discussed Sharon Osbourne’s weight loss story on this blog, so I felt it was also worth discussing Kelly Osbourne’s weight loss story as well because she has also lost a lot of weight in 2012.

Indeed there have been lots of articles written about Kelly Osbourne in recent weeks because she is currently launching her own weight loss competition in conjunction with ITV1’s Daybreak program in the UK.

It sounds to me as if she is getting a little carried away with her own success, and thinks she has stumbled on something amazing, because Kelly Osbourne’s big weight loss secrets involve diet and exercise.

Yes that’s right. Kelly discovered that eating less food and doing more exercise can help you shed a few pounds.

I think we all know that these two things are the key to successful weight loss, but to be fair to Kelly Osbourne, she didn’t just lose 5-10 pounds. She actually lost 69 pounds altogether (since 2009), which is a fantastic effort, and she definitely deserves a lot of credit.

She didn’t just do gentle exercise either. After finding out the hard way that many diets simply don’t work, she pushed herself by doing a mixture of treadmill, yoga and weights for 30 minutes a day with the help of her personal trainer, and even increased this to 2 hour sessions every so often.

Therefore it is easy to see why she has been so successful because all this exercise obviously burns a great deal of calories. Plus the effect is magnified when this exercise regime is combined with a healthy diet, which is exactly what Kelly Osbourne has managed to do for the last few years thanks to her partner, who just happens to be a vegan chef.

So if you are currently scouring the internet looking for miracle weight loss products, you should bear in mind that anybody can lose weight by following a healthy diet and doing a lot more exercise.

Whilst I do recommend the Phen375 diet pill because this fat burner can help you lose up to 3-5 pounds per week when combined with a healthy diet, you can lose weight without taking any kind of diet pills.

You just need to eat sensibly and try and burn as many calories as possible through regular exercise, because these were the two key components of Kelly Osbourne’s weight loss success story, and she managed to lose 69 pounds altogether.