What Exactly Is LiLash?

LiLash is basically a serum that you apply to your upper eyelids in order to grow longer lashes.

Short eyelashes that are barely noticeable do not do anything for your eyes at all, so by using this eyelash growth stimulator, you can grow longer eyelashes completely naturally and instantly transform your eyes.

LiLash is said to be the world’s most popular eyelash growth serum, and it is available to buy from the official LiLash website.

The major benefit of using this particular product to grow your lashes is that you avoid using false eyelashes, which is often very messy and obviously isn’t a permanent solution to your problem.

How Effective Is This Product?

LiLash reviews are generally very positive because this advanced serum does actually help to stimulate growth, giving you naturally longer eyelashes. You only need to watch the video further down this page and check out some of the before and after photos for evidence of this.

It is not a quick fix solution to your problem, however. You need to apply this serum to your upper eyelids (where the roots of the eyelashes are) once a day for around 8-12 weeks, by which time you should notice a real difference.

You can then apply this serum once or twice a week to maintain your naturally longer lashes.

How To Apply The Eyelash Stimulator Serum

The makers of this product show you how to apply this serum on their website (and full instructions are obviously provided when you purchase this product).

The diagram on the right is taken from the official website, and highlights exactly where you need to apply the LiLash serum in order to stimulate growth.

LiLash Ingredients

I cannot really talk you through what each of the LiLash ingredients actually does because I do not have sufficient knowledge. However I can provide you with the full list of ingredients should you wish to research some of these ingredients yourself:

Agua (Water), Glycerin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Prunus Amygdalus (Sweet Almond) Extract, Hydrolyzed Lupine Protein, Panthenol, Isopropanol Phenylhydroxypentene Dihydroxycyclopentylheptenate, Silica, Chlorphenesin, Caprylyl Glycol.

LiLash Side Effects

LiLash is generally regarded as being a completely natural beauty product that is free from any real side effects, which is why it doesn’t require any kind of prescription.

However because the skin surrounding the eyes is generally very sensitive, there may initially be some mild irritation and redness in a small number of cases. If this happens, it may be worth waiting until the redness disappears before continuing to use this product.

You shouldn’t use this eyelash growth serum if you are currently pregnant or breastfeeding.

LiLash Before And After Photos

I highly recommend that you click on the play button below and watch this video testimonial from one of the customers who used this product.

The before and after photos are very impressive because the girl in question had very short eyelashes to begin with, but after 3 months she had beautiful curly lashes that were significantly longer. Here’s the video:

LiLash Coupons / Coupon Codes

You can currently benefit from free delivery when you place an order, and in addition to this, you can also use a LiLash coupon code to save a little bit of money as well.

Simply click on the link below and enter the coupon code DEAL4U at the checkout to save 5%:

5% Off Site-Wide with coupon code DEAL4U at LiLash.com through 7/31/13

Where To Buy LiLash

Unless you can find a reseller or distributor for this product in your area, your best bet is to buy LiLash from the official website. It is priced at $139.97 (at the time of writing), which includes free shipping, and 5% less if you use the coupon code above.

This may sound quite expensive, but this purified eyelash serum will last you around 6 months when used once a day as recommended. I think you will agree that this is a small price to pay for naturally longer and more beautiful eyelashes.


The LiLash purified eyelash serum comes with a 90 day guarantee, so you can always ask for your money back in the unlikely event that you are unsatisfied with the results. The money will then be back in your account within 5-7 days.