An Introduction To Old School New Body

You may well have heard about the Old School New Body program by now because it is becoming increasingly popular thanks to its ability to burn fat and help you look younger.

It is essentially a 3-part fitness program, which the creators have named the F4X Training System, and it has been developed by two fitness fanatics who are both in their 50s, namely Steve and Becky Holman, in partnership with Jon Benson and John Howley.

Steve Holman is the editor of Iron Man magazine, and is therefore an expert in this field, and the fact that both Steve and his wife Becky both look a lot younger than they actually are, is proof that their methods actually work.

It is available as a pdf ebook and can be downloaded instantly from the Old School New Body website.

Who Can Benefit From This Program?

Old School New Body is geared towards both men and women over the age of 35. This is approximately the age when the aging process starts to really kick in, and so anyone over 35 may want to use this program to help delay the aging process and reverse some of the visible signs of aging.

It is not just middle-aged people that can benefit from this program either because many people in their 60s and 70s, for example, have used the F4X Training Program to stay in shape.

The Old School New Body / F4X Training Program

If you visit the official Old School New Body website, you will see that they provide you with 5 steps you can take in order to make you look up to 10 years younger (free of charge). The final step does of course involve exercise, which is where this product will really help you.

The F4X Workout Program is divided into 3 different phases – F4X Lean, F4X Shape and F4X Build – and it is based on scientific research which has shown that fast, short, intense bursts of exercise is most effective for adults who are middle-aged or older.

Anyone that uses this program is advised to start on the first phase of this program, F4X Lean, before advancing onto the other two phases once they are ready.

Some people are happy just to stick to the F4X Lean program because this workout helps you burn fat, lose weight and build a lean body, as the name suggests.

Once you have lost weight and got into shape, you then have the option of moving on to the F4X Shape phase of the program, which will help tone up your body and add a little bit of muscle definition.

The final phase, F4X Build is again optional, and can be used to build bigger muscles. Therefore it is more likely to be used by men than women.

Additional Extras

Th workout program above is generally more than enough to help you get in shape, build an impressive looking body and take years off your appearance. However Steve and Becky Holman have included a number of additional extras in the Old School New Body program that will help you even further.

These include a mixture of pdfs and audio files, and they can all be downloaded from the main download page once you have purchased Old School New Body.

Here’s a list of all the free pdf reports that are included:

F4X Quick Start Workout Guide
Ultimate Fat Burning Secrets
Ultimate Muscle Building Secrets
Ultimate Sex and Anti-Aging Secrets
Ultimate Health and Happiness Secrets

In addition there are audio files which feature interviews with several fitness experts including Tom Venuto, Kristi Frank, Bill Phillips, Jennifer Nicole Lee and Shawn Phillips.

Where To Buy The Old School New Body Program

At the moment you can only buy Old School New Body from the official website, but you will be pleased to know that you can currently get access to the entire program, along with all the bonuses listed above, for just $27.

The price is set to go up very shortly as soon as they have sold a certain number of copies. So if you are interested in buying this impressive anti-aging fitness program, I suggest you do so now whilst it is still available at this discounted price.

You have nothing to lose because it comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee. So if you find that the program isn’t right for you, you can simply ask for a refund.

However this is unlikely because this program is widely considered to be one of the best and most effective anti-aging workout programs on the market.

So if you are over the age of 35 and would dearly love to slow down the aging process and start to look younger, you should seriously consider buying Old School New Body.