Today I want to talk about Lisa Riley’s weight loss, and Proskins Slim Leggings because this item of clothing is partly responsible for helping her lose weight.

Lisa Riley is back in the public eye once again thanks to her impressive dance displays every Saturday night on Strictly Come Dancing. Here’s her Cha Cha from the opening week of the show, which topped the leaderboard:

Just like many previous celebrity dancers, she is already losing weight, but it is not only the long practice sessions that are responsible for her weight loss because she also claims that her Proskin Slim Leggings have also helped her drop a few dress sizes.

Lisa Riley has actually lost 14 pounds since she first started training for Strictly Come Dancing with her partner Robin Windsor, and she says that wearing the Proskin Slim Leggings for up to 8 hours a day has helped her slim down even more.

These special leggings have previously been recommended by the likes of Kirstie Alley, Dannii Minogue and Pamela Anderson, and not only can they make your thighs thinner, but this compression wear also helps reduce cellulite, smooth the skin, prevent fluid retention and improve circulation and blood flow.

These garments actually contain aloe vera, caffeine, ceramides, fatty acids, retinol and vitamin E, which is why they are so effective, and the benefits can be enjoyed every time these leggings are worn as they are guaranteed for 100 washes.

So if you want to try and emulate Lisa Riley’s recent weight loss yourself, in addition to getting lots of exercise you might want to consider buying a pair of these special compression wear leggings.

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