Quebra Pedra is a botanical herb that is extracted from the trees of the Amazon rainforests, and it is said to help dissolve gallstones and kidney stones because the locals have been successfully using it for hundreds of years.

Quebra Pedra (or Chanca Piedra to use the Spanish name) literally translates as ‘stone breaker’, and studies have shown that this herb really can help you pass both gallstones and kidney stones.

This is because it slowly dissolves these stones over time until they are small enough to pass through the body unnoticed. It also has anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help ease the pain in the meantime.

The herb can be taken in capsule form, or you can buy Chanca Piedra teabags and brew your own tea, which tastes much like any other green tea.

Does It Really Work?

It is natural to be sceptical about any alternative health remedy, particularly with regards to gallstones because many doctors are quick to recommend surgery as the only real option.

However in France this herb is now being sold as a prescription product, and I have also been reading one article that points out that a doctor in Germany puts all of his patients on Quebra Piedra before trying any other treatments because he has found that it has such a high success rate.

There are also clinical studies that demonstrate Quebra Pedra’s effectiveness at dissolving kidney stones and gallstones.

For example one 2008 study that was carried out by the University of Modena in Italy tested the effectiveness of this natural herb on gallstones sufferers who had recently had shock wave therapy to break up their gallstones.

After 6 months they found that without the Quebra Pedra extract the stone-free rate was 80%, whilst 97% of the people who took this herb were stone-free after the same period.

Customer Reviews

If this botanical herb didn’t work, there would be lots of negative reviews on sites such as Amazon, where Quebra Pedra products are sold. However that’s not the case at all.

In fact if you check out all of the Quebra Pedra products on, you will find a number of 5-star reviews from people that have resolved their gallstones issues or eliminated their kidney stone pain. You will probably find some positive reviews when you check out the same products on as well.

Where To Buy Quebra Pedra / Chanca Piedra

If you want to buy Quebra Pedra, you will probably have difficulty finding it in your local health store as it is not widely available on the high street.

However if you go online, you should find plenty of websites that sell either the tea or the capsules. The lowest prices are generally available on Amazon, and the most popular products are those sold by Rio Trading.

The teabags are 1500mg and can be taken 3 times a day, whilst the capsules are 500mg of 5:1 extract. So in other words they are equivalent to 2500mg whole herb Quebra Pedra, which is why many people prefer taking the capsules. These too can be taken 3 times a day.

I am not a medical professional and am not in a position to recommend any product as a way of treating any disease or condition. Although the product mentioned on this page doesn’t have any side effects, it is always a good idea to consult a doctor or a medical practitioner before attempting to self-diagnose or treat any medical conditions.

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