Good Morning Snore Solution TreatmentI always think it’s interesting to take a look at some snoring statistics because they often throw up some surprising results. This is certainly the case in 2012 because there were some figures released earlier in the year that indicated just how much of a problem snoring actually is for a lot of people.

If you would like to check out the latest snoring statistics for 2012, you can do so by visiting this website. However I will be discussing some of the main findings in the remainder of this article, and I will also talk about some of the best treatment options.

One of the most interesting snoring statistics concerns the number of people in a relationship who are affected by their partner snoring.

The results of a study showed that 59% of people reported that their partner was a snorer, which means that more than half the adult population (who are in a relationship) could potentially be suffering from disrupted sleep as a result.

It was also interesting to see that only 5.6% of children are snorers, but 30% of people over the age of 30 snore, and 40% of over 40s are snorers. This suggests that this harmless, but annoying problem tends to become increasingly common as you get older.

One other statistic that I found interesting was the one concerning the number of women who snore. Snoring is often considered a male problem, but as many men will undoubtedly testify, it actually affects a lot of women as well, 19% of women to be precise.

So although men are generally far more likely to snore than men, the results show that it also affects nearly 1 in 5 women, which is quite a high number.

So how can you successfully overcome this problem?

Well in some cases this problem is made worse by drinking alcohol in the evening. In which case if you simply stop drinking, it could stop just like that.

Similarly if you always sleep on your back, then you are far more likely to snore. So you may find that sleeping on your side solves the problem straight away.

For many people, however, taking these simple measures will not solve the problem, and you therefore have to seek out other treatment options instead.

There are plenty of products on the market that claim they can stop your snoring. However I think the best ones are the mouthpieces that you wear during the night in order to minimise tongue movement, and help you breath smoothly during the night without any obstructions.

There is one product that I have been particularly impressed by because clinical studies have shown that it is effective in more than 70% of people. It is called Good Morning Snore Solution and this mouthpiece simply slides on the end of your tongue, and is said to be very comfortable to wear.

The best thing about this product is that it comes with a risk-free 60 day guarantee. So if it doesn’t happen to eliminate your snoring, you can simply ask for a refund.

I reviewed the Good Morning Snore Solution mouthpiece on this blog recently. Here is the article if you want to find out more about this clinically proven anti-snoring device.

You may also be interested in reading this article on the NHS site which discusses all of the treatment options if this or any other product fails to work.