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Kelly Osbourne’s Weight Loss Secrets

I have already discussed Sharon Osbourne’s weight loss story on this blog, so I felt it was also worth discussing Kelly Osbourne’s weight loss story as well because she has also lost a lot of weight in 2012. Indeed there have been lots of articles written about Kelly Osbourne in recent weeks [...]

How To Burn 400 Calories Per Day In Just 25 Minutes

I’m now rapidly approaching my mid-30s but despite this depressing fact, I still try and stay in shape and do various forms of exercise several times a week. One of my favourite ways to stay fit is to use my home exercise bike. Indeed this is the only cardio workout that I actually enjoy. Some [...]

3 Affordable Ways You Can Get Fit At Home

One of the best ways to get fit is to join your local gym. That way you can ask one of their trainers to provide you with a suitable fitness program that you can use to help you achieve your goals and objectives. However this is not a cheap option and you will have to pay a monthly membership fee [...]
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