There are certain people in the public eye who just have to mention a particular product that they use in order to create a new sales frenzy for that product. One such celebrity is Victoria Beckham, and just recently she has been telling the world which hand cream she uses via her Twitter account.

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Apparently she is a big fan of the Royal Apothic Hand Creme, which is available to buy from Anthropologie. She says that she is obsessed with this hand cream, and also went on to say that the fragrance is amazing, which is glowing praise indeed.

Royal Apothic is a Los Angeles-based company, and this $20 hand cream seems to be widely available from websites based in the United States.

There are three different scents that you can choose from – Holland Park, Cutting Garden and Lemoncello. The one favoured by Victoria Beckham seems to be the Holland Park hand cream.

Unfortunately it seems to be more difficult to get hold of here in the UK. It is normally available to buy from the Anthropologie EU website, but as you might expect after this recent endorsement from Victoria Beckham, they seem to have run out of stock as it doesn’t seem to be on sale at the moment.

It doesn’t seem to be available from traditional outlets such as Boots or Amazon either. So it looks like the only option for British and European women who want to try out this Royal Apothic Hand Creme, is to wait until the Anthropologie EU website has more stock, or order this product directly from a company in the United States.

Of course just because Victoria Beckham recommends the Royal Apothic Hand Creme, does not mean that it’s the best hand cream on the market. This is just one person’s opinion, albeit a very high profile celebrity. There are lots of other hand creams available that are probably just as good, if not better than this particular product if you shop around and do some research.