Viviscal is a revolutionary hair loss supplement for women that is said to be very effective at preventing and reducing hair loss (and promoting hair growth), particularly during the menopause when this can become a real problem.

This hair loss supplement is a top-seller in the United States, where it has been endorsed by high-profile celebrities such as Cynthia Nixon and Kate Hudson.

It is also proving to be very popular in the UK, where it has been recommended by celebrities including Jennie Bond and Cheryl Baker, and has been featured in the Daily Mail, where it has been described as ‘Botox for hair’.

Viviscal is made in Finland, and it was developed into a supplement after researchers found that the AminoMar C fish protein commonly found in the diet of Greenland’s Inuit population, who all have thick, healthy hair, effectively reduces hair thinning.

This supplement contains this AminoMar fish protein, as well as Zinc, Vitamin C and Horsetail extract, which are also beneficial.

To demonstrate that this Viviscal hair loss supplement does actually work, a study was carried out on a large group of women who were all starting to suffer from hair loss.

Those who took the supplement every day found that their hair loss was reduced by 18.3% in just 3 months, and furthermore these women saw their hair thickness increase by 7% over a 6 month period.

So it seems to be able to prevent hair loss whilst also promoting hair growth as well.

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