In this article I want to talk about self diagnosing on the internet, and why it is generally not a very good idea.

Before the internet became part of our lives, it was very easy to find out what was wrong with us. We would simply book an appointment with a doctor and let them tell us what the problem was.

They would examine us and either provide us with a prescription to treat the problem, or arrange for us to see a specialist if it was a more serious problem.

Nowadays people are reluctant to take time off work and visit their doctor, which often incurs a fee in many countries, and prefer to self diagnose themselves by visiting various websites online.

This can sometimes help you to find out what’s wrong with you, and if it’s nothing too serious, you may be able to buy a product from your local health store, or take certain measures to overcome this problem.

However in a lot of cases it is not as straight forward as this, and you may well find that your symptoms could indicate any number of different diseases and conditions.

For example if you have persistent back pain or stomach pain, there are a whole multitude of things that could be wrong with you.

If you are not careful, you may find yourself finding a condition that matches your symptoms, such as constipation, for instance, and letting it resolve itself, when in fact it could be something potentially life-threatening such as stomach cancer.

Similarly you could find that your symptoms are those commonly associated with some serious life-threatening conditions, and subsequently you will worry yourself sick for a few weeks before finally seeing a doctor, when in fact it was nothing to worry about at all.

I did this myself recently. I have been having stomach pains on and off for a few years now which are thought to be caused by a few gallstones in my gallbladder. However for about a week the pains had become quite severe.

I then went online for a few hours, and after attempting to self diagnose myself on the internet, I had convinced myself that I either had liver cancer or pancreatitis because I had many of the symptoms associated with these serious conditions.

I finally dragged myself down to the doctor and he assured me that it wasn’t pancreatitis, and it was probably nothing to worry about. About a week later my pain had all but gone away, and nothing serious turned up on the ultrasound, other than a few gallstones. It is thought that these stones may have caused inflammation or blocked the bile ducts when I was in a lot of pain.

So this should be a lesson to everyone. I needlessly worried myself sick when I went searching for answers to my health problems online, and I know many other people end up doing this as well.

The truth is that you really need to be careful when self diagnosing your health problems online, and in general it is always best to see a doctor in order to get a proper diagnosis.