Lose 3 Inches From Your Waistline

Many women are desperate to lose a few inches from their waistline, but there is actually a really easy way you can do this without having to go on a diet. All you need to do is wear some of the body shaping clothes that are now available available and in stores.

It may surprise you to learn that there are now lots of different garments you can wear that will take 1, 2 or even 3 inches off your waistline. This includes vests, briefs, shorts, tights and dresses.

Body Shaping Garments From Pelham & Strutt

One company that is really proving popular right now is Pelham & Strutt because they have some of the best-looking (and most effective) shapewear you can buy.

All of Pelham & Strutt’s items are designed to sculpt, shape and slim, whilst also offering posture support and spinal alignment. So you won’t be damaging your body if you wear one of these items.

The net result of this is that they will give you a visibly reduced waistline, whilst also giving you support in all the right areas.

Under Dress, Vest and Body Shaper

My favourite item out of all the body shaping clothes that they sell is the Under Dress (pictured right).

This particular item, which is available in M, L or XL, will enhance all your curves, provide total body support, and target the key areas around your tummy and hips, subsequently helping to bring your waistline in by a few inches. Plus the fact that it is skin-colored means that it will be completely invisible when worn under your normal clothing.

Another all-in-one piece that I really like is the Pelham & Strutt Body Shaper because just like the under dress, this targets 3 problem areas – posture, stomach and bottom – and can be worn under your normal clothes as you go about your everyday business.

I also like this Women’s Shaping Vest which targets the same kind of areas (tummy, waistline and hips), whilst also providing support around the bust. The fact that it looks like a normal vest is an added bonus as well.

Tights, Shorts and Briefs

As I mentioned above, there are also tights, shorts and briefs that you can wear if you are worried about your bottom, stomach or waistline.

These are all slightly cheaper than the products mentioned above, but they are just as effective at covering up that little bit of extra weight that you might be carrying right now.

The most discreet out of all of them is the Shapewear Brief because this looks like any normal pair of briefs, and yet they will really help to enhance your figure.

However you might also want to take a look at the Shaper Shorts and the Compression Tights (pictured above) that are available from Pelham & Strutt because if your thighs are a problem area, these will help tone up your legs whilst you are wearing them (whilst also improving the appearance of your waistline, hips and bottom).

Closing Thoughts

The problem with all of these items is that although you will appear to have lost up to 3 inches from your waistline when they are being worn, it is not a permanent weight loss solution.

For that you will need to consume fewer calories, get more exercise and maybe take a good quality fat-burning supplement such as Phen375, for example.

Nevertheless they are ideal if you have tried and failed to lose weight in the past and just want to appear slimmer, or if you are currently trying to lose weight at the moment, but still want to tighten up your bum or your stomach, for example, and look even slimmer when you are out and about.