The benefits of yacon syrup have recently been discussed on the Dr Oz show, and it would appear to be good for weight loss based on both a 2009 clinical trial, and an experiment that was carried out with the help of 60 female volunteers, who were all viewers of this show.

These 60 women were asked to take a teaspoon of yacon syrup every day for 28 days with or before each meal, and not make any changes to their diet or exercise habits in order to get a clear result.

Only 40 women managed to do this for the whole month, but the findings were quite significant.

29 of these women managed to lose weight in this 4-week period, with 14 of these women losing 5 pounds or more.

The average weight loss was 2.9 pounds per person, with an average waist reduction of 1.9 inches.

In addition, the total weight loss for the entire group was 153 pounds, which led to 27 people recommending yacon extract for weight loss.

These results mirror a 2009 study, mentioned above, that reported similar weight loss results – an average weight loss of 33 pounds and an average waist reduction of 4 inches over a 120-day period.

So it is clear that yacon syrup is indeed good for weight loss. Plus it is also worth mentioning that this ingredient can help improve digestion and regulate blood sugar as well.

If you would like to start adding yacon syrup to your diet, you can use it in the same way as you would honey or maple syrup, for instance.

It is not something that is easy to buy, either online or in stores, but here are a few yacon syrup products that I have found on

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